Terms & Conditions of Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire

1. All equipment hired remains the property of All Dressed Up.

2. During the period  that the goods are on hire the hirer shall be solely responsible for the hired goods and shall be responsible for insuring the safety of the goods from time of acceptance until return back into possession of All Dressed Up.

3. All Dressed Up shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property how's over sustained arising from any goods under hire.

4. Prices quoted are for one days hire only apart from the day of delivery and collection. Subsequent days will be charged at a daily rate unless a special arrangement has been arranged prior to the event between both parties.

5. The hirer must ensure that the venue is aware that All Dressed Up requires access for set up. Normally we will set up on the morning of the event however in some cases we can get in the day before.   

6. When the goods on hire are set in place the hirer must inform a member of staff at their chosen venue of any damage or shortage caused by All Dressed Up. If the hirer fails to notify anyone then we will consider that everything was correct at time of delivery and deem that they were left in a satisfactory condition. 

7. The hirer must ensure that the venue is aware that All Dressed Up requires access the day after the event to collect the goods. Ideally we would require a designated name and number of your event coordinator.

8. The hirer must make his / her guests aware that the goods are on hire. Any losses or damages will be paid for by the hirer at the full replacement value shown in our Replacement Value section. This will come off of any deposits held. Should the items be found then we are happy to refund back those monies.


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